During a first exchange, we help you to define your needs and expectations while integrating your constraints ( leadtimes, budget,

specificity of your place). 


Further to this first interview and after the study of the existing space, we make several proposals through boards of atmosphere

( range of colors, materials, fabrics) and a decoration portfolio ( furniture , lighting...).


Lay out plans as well as a representation in 3D will also allow you to visualize concretely  your project.


Finally, a  specification detailing the works to be done as well as a listing sumarising the furnitures will be handed to you.










Once your project is validated, we can calculate and negociate the best estimate with the different interveners and follow your works until the final delivery.


We do work with a network of craftmen and profesional of buildings which allow us to propose you a service of quality adapted for each project .


We can also manage the purchases of the elements of decoration , follow the deliveries and organize the final installation .